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Your privacy is important to you. It’s also important to us. Below you can read about how we gather, use and manage your data.


Primarily we gather demographic information as well as any and all personal information that you may provide as a result of engaging with this site for purchases, promos or contests and the like. We will also collect information gathered by passive means upon your visit to this site; that is to say, referring URLs, IP addresses, regional info and any on-site data which includes: pages visited, links accessed, and any search terms used. As far as mobile users, we do collect info regarding your mobile device and operating system. In an effort to create a more enriched and compelling site, we may on occasion share this information with third parties responsible for site maintenance, design, upkeep and those related to these practices.


By sharing your personal data you are allowing us to give this information to affiliated partners, marketers, and other such businesses as we deem necessary. If you do not wish to have personal info shared, please contact us at and specify this.

In addition, we often employ other vendors, suppliers, and distributors to facilitate order shipment and delivery process. These companies will have access to any data supplied by you. It is necessary for us to share your information in these circumstances to ensure satisfactory order fulfillment. We may also have to share data with legal entities in the event of any criminal investigation, legal proceedings or the like.

Also, if you have registered with our site or purchased from the site, you may elect to receive updates, emails, newsletters, etc. We also give you the option to exclude yourself from any such communication. If you do not wish to be contacted in any way, you need to inform us of this decision; otherwise, we may elect to contact you via email, or other such means to inform you of upcoming events/offers/promotions.


This site functions properly if cookies are enabled. This allows us to verify your user status and display material that is most relevant to you. Most websites do in fact use cookies for these purposes. Cookies can in no way access your hard drive and cannot be used to inflict viruses. We also utilize these cookies to gather information about our users thus allowing us to track pertinent data. You can at your discretion disable cookies, but this will impede overall site usage, for which we are not responsible.

XhaleXpress uses analytics metrics tools such as Google Analytics to collect information about those who access our site. This is strictly non personal and is used to gather aggregate data for marketing purposes only. This gives us demographic and internet behavior patterns of users who visit our site.


You always have the right and access to modify your personal information as submitted to this site. You simply go into your account page and edit your profile information. All changes take effect immediately. You may also contact us directly at to change any data you wish.

Any and all info you provide is subsequently stored in a database held on our servers. Access is limited to authorized personnel only for commercial purposes only. All who access such data comply with our privacy policy.


On occasion, we may provide links to external sites for your information or enjoyment. Such sites are wholly governed by their own terms and their own privacy policies; we subsequently have no control over what happens on these extraneous sites. As their terms and privacy policy may be different from ours, we are in no way responsible for your usage or experience of that site. By linking to these third party sites you are doing so at your own risk. You are agreeing to their privacy policy, it is thus incumbent upon you to read and understand these terms on your own. We have no control or authority over any such site that may be linked or connected to this site in any way.


This site does not knowingly reach out to minors or those not of legal age. Any interaction that children have with this site is not as a result of our targeting and thus we are not liable for any minor’s engagement with this site.

XhaleXpress has the right to change any aspect of this policy at any time without prior notice. Should any such changes occur we will post a notice and/or send an email to that effect.


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